Check out our Affordable Payment Plan for DUI classes--pay your fees over time!

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piggybankA convenient service that Know More DUI School offers is an Affordable Payment Plan (APP) for DUI classes. Unexpected additions to the family budget, such as Lawyer Fees, Court Fines and Class Fees can put a strain on family finances. After taking the assessment, Know More DUI’s APP allows a student to pay for the DUI/RRP class in small payments over a period of time. Once the total payment is made ($260), a student can take the DUI class and complete State Court mandated requirement that he or she may be facing.


How the Affordable Payment Plan works:

  • Clients must come into the office and pay $100.00 and take the Assessment.
  • Client can sign a Payment Plan Agreement, which gives them up to 4 months to pay a minimum of $65.00 per month to complete payment of $260 for the intervention class ($235) and the workbook ($25).