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Many have heard the common statement saying “what you don’t know won’t hurt you”. However, we operate upon the premise that, what you don’t know can indeed hurt you, cost you, and unfortunately in the worst of circumstances kill you. Know More DUI School is committed to help its students Know More about making life saving choices while driving.

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DUI/Drug/Risk Reduction



DUI/DRUG/Risk Reduction Program uses a State approved PRIME For Life curriculum. The program is a two-part process including an initial assessment that must be taken prior to attending the classroom intervention portion of the program. Once the assessment is complete a student may attend the DUI/RRP class.

The DUI/RRP class is a course generally taken over a period of three or more days. The course is designed to help individuals who have received Driving Under the Influence (DUI), Boating Under the Influence (BUI), or illegal drug possession charges/convictions, identify their own high risk behavior and learn alternative low risk behavior choices.

The objective is to train students to make drug and alcohol use decisions that will foster safe driving and ultimately decrease potential for citations, car accidents and putting other motorists at risk.

Completion of the course will:

  • Meet State Court and Probation Mandated Requirements
  • Assist with License Re-instatement Requirements
  • Instill principles that, if applied, will decrease the occurrence of high risk choices and the negative consequences that result from those choices.

The total cost associated with the course is $360.00 dollars. This fee covers an ADE Assessment component at $100.00 dollars, plus the intervention class component at $260.00 dollars, which includes the class workbook valued at $25.00. 


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Defensive Driving Course


Defensive Driving is a 6-hour course designed to help students transition from average or safe drivers to Defensive Drivers. Students will learn preventive/proactive behaviors and implement a driving strategy that will develop defensive driving characteristics.

The objective is to train students to make driving decisions that will ultimately decrease the potential for future citations, car accidents and putting other motorists at risk.

Completion of the course may:

  • Increase Knowledge of Rules and Driver Safety
  • Reduce Points on Driver’s License Record
  • Assist with License Re-instatement Requirements
  • Help you to receive a Discount on Auto Insurance

The cost of the course due to traffic citations, court, reinstatement of drivers’ license and point count reduction is $95.00.  The cost of the course for insurance rate discount is $60.00.